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At Best Web Hosting of 2018, we know that reliable hosting is everything for online businesses in Australia. Its all about having a website that loads fast, with excellent uptime ratings, and dependable customer support, and so we test and research the web hosting market in Australia in order to pass on to you the best hosting company recommendations at the most competitive prices. At the same time, we know having cheap hosting and a terrible user experience is a real lose/ lose, and is a scenario to be avoided at all costs.

Top Web Hosting Recommendations

#1 – Siteground

Web Hosting

Websites hosted on Siteground offer the best web experience for Australian website users by far, based on –

Market Leading Uptime and Page Loading Speeds for Aussie Sites,

Average Uptime: 99.95%

Average Load Time: 475Ms

Competitive Rates

that really offer value for money when compared to less reliable hosts,

Exceptional 24/7 Support

award-winning Customer Support, the key for dependable hosting services,

One Click Site Installs

designed to be simple, this service is very easy to navigate and set up, even for beginners.


did we say award-winning?


#2 – Hostgator


Excellent Uptime and Page Loading Speeds

Average Uptime: 99.4%

Average Load Time: 657Ms

FREE Incentives Includes:

Free Email, Daily Backups, Free SSL (very valuable), Site Transfer, Free Website Builder

Fantastic Always ON 24/7 Support

Superb Pricing & Affordable Hosting Rates



The Australian Web Hosting Conundrum

As we all know Australia is amazing because it’s so far away from the rest of world, but not so amazing when it comes to getting web hosting for your websites, that performs really well. Because it’s so far away from the rest of the world.

But help is at hand by way of the Indigo Submarine Internet Cable that allows us to utilise superfast broadband speed, thereby accessing our online information, websites, documents, emails etc at comparable speeds to the rest of the world.

The only challenge is to make sure that web host that you choose is taking advantage of the Indigo Submarine Internet Cable. Siteground does.


Essential Tips for Hosting WordPress Websites

If you are looking to run a blog, then WordPress is a good choice. This content management system is designed specifically for blogging, and it is flexible, easy to set up and incredibly easy to use.

WordPress is, however, a little power hungry. Not all basic hosting packages will support it. Ideally, you want something with a decent amount of storage space (To allow you to upload lots and lots of photographs), and enough memory and CPU time to allow WordPress, and any plugins you choose, to run well.

There are web hosts that offer WordPress friendly packages, that have been optimized to ensure the best possible performance. It’s well worth using those, because WordPress can use a lot of memory if you have a lot of plugins installed and your site is popular and busy – so having a host that has enough memory, and that allows enough inodes to allow you to install a lot of plugins and upload lots of files is a good idea.

Another thing that you should look at is extensions – things like curl, f_open, and the gd image library are all useful for some plugins. If they aren’t turned on by default, then it’s at least helpful to know that the host is willing to enable them for your account should you need them for what you are trying to do.

You can use WordPress via the WordPress.com website and a premium account, but self-hosted is better if you want to customize the installation heavily and have more control over how it looks and what extra features you add. Talk to your web designer and see what they can offer you and what hosting packages are available before you start doing a lot of work on your new blog.

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